Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh my gosh!

Brand spankin' new illustration for Children's Book class!
It's an autobiographical piece about the Halloween when I was
SO WORRIED that I looked TOO much like a cat and that people
would give me kitty litter instead of candy! Anytime anyone would answer
their door and say "My, what a cute little kitty you are!"
I'd reply with "Thanks, but I'm really a little girl."

One of a series to be put in a book.


tyler said...

love it.
because of the halloween theme it reminded me of alum julia vickerman's "dealing with women" animation - ever seen it?

Vicki said...

Wonderfully done. This is just how you looked and you were a cute little kitty. Gram V

notions & potions said...

Tuesday, I LOVE THIS! Absolutely in love. I kinda want it.

Good luck with the start of a new school year! Looking forward to seeing more :)