Monday, September 6, 2010


Here is the promised catch-up post from this summer:

Taught a handful of youth art classes at Paint Yourself Silly in Lincoln, Nebraska. Almost all of the things that I taught were already picked out for me--funny stuff like hamburger plates. I told the kids that they should jazz their burgers up with whatever they wanted--purple buns! Fangs! Pink cheese! Eyeballs! Ultimately, they all added eyeballs and the little boy on the right made his cheese into fangs. AWESOME. I don't know how pleased the parents were, but who cares? We had tons of fun.

A soap pump that I made for the aforementioned Paint Yourself Silly.

Sketchbook doodle, which ultimately led to the sketch for "Floral Fondle." I'm almost done inking. You'll see it soon, promise.

This is Hudson, I ended up meeting him and hanging out lots this summer while in Nebraska--he's an incredibly talented photographer. You can see his work here.

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