Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ladies helping me beat the blues:

Uh-oh. It's finals time at MCAD and Minneapolis is looking bleak with grey skies, seven inches of snow, and pitch-black darkness at 4:00 PM. Ouch.
Some of my favorite ladiezz helping me through:
Heart Breaker Remix--Mariah Carey ft. Da Brat and Missy Elliott
That's What I'm Looking For--Da Brat
Queen Bitch--Lil' Kim
Doo-Wop--Lauryn Hill
What's My Name Yo--MC Lyte
Shoop--Salt N' Pepa
Home Girl Don't Play Dat--Yo Yo
Hot Spot--Foxy Brown

Sock it To Me--Missy Elliott and Da Brat (this song gets really good around 2:46)
Born Gangsta--Boss
Payback--Choice (NWA DISS!)
Crumb 2 A Brick--La Chat
Monie in the Middle--Monie Love
Shante Gets Wicked--Roxanne Shante
Aaaaand a little more Kim for good measure:
Black Friday--Lil' Kim
P.S. Hint--click on track titles for youtube video.

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Tuesday I think we're brothas from another motha