Friday, January 28, 2011

Illustration Mundo Favorite

Man, thanks for the warm fuzzy, Illustration Mundo, for listing me in your "Editor's Favorites"! So cool!
My friend Grace Coombes and very sweet acquaintance Aaron Meshon are also listed.
Featured as a part of Illustration Mundo's Weekly Featured Favorite Illustrators! Hurrah!


Grace Coombes said...

Hi Tuesday!!! Thanks so much for linking me!!, and the lovely comment! I'd forgotten all about illustration mundo!! Hope everythings going well at MCAD, your work is looking fantastic...I especially love your sketchbooks.
Hopefully see you in Brighton sometime soon xxx

tuesday bassen said...

Hey Grace!
Yeah, no problem! I JUST signed up two days ago and all of this exciting stuff is going on! Awesome.
Yeah, there is a good possibility that I'll be moving there in May, but we'll see! Hope your review went well~